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THE GUIDE to looking great day or night!

In a city where looks and money are almost EVERYTHING, the right wardrobe can make or break your night. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on the right wear, but a few essentials can help you get through the lines with ease, attract the beautiful people, and get you seen in more ways than none! We took a moment to break down the DOs and DON’Ts of nightlife attire as well as a complete head to toe guide on what to wear out.


Sometimes that look in your city is just not in-style anymore. Give it up! You are playing with the best. Don’t be stuck in line or in the corner of the bar because your wardrobe is not making you look your best!

The DOs
— DO bring multiple outfits with you. From jeans to button-downs, your night and day will consist of different looks that can be mixed and matched based on your next destination for the day or night.
— DO bring accessories. This includes shoes (dress, casual, flip flops) , sunglasses, hats, belts, etc.
— DO layer your clothing based on the weather. Not all clubs have a coat check area, so don’t be stuck carrying your parka around in one hand and a drink in the other.
— DO get a haircut and a good shave. Your personal appearance is part of your wardrobe!

LADIES: Do bring comfy slip-ons in your purse to change into after a night of dancing in your heels.

The DON’Ts
— DO NOT wear plain tee shirts or tee shirts from Christian Audigier, Ed Hardy, Affliction, etc. That look is long gone and you will simply get made fun of and no door host will take you seriously.
— DO NOT wear sunglasses to the club. YES, the main pic doesn’t agree with this, but the guy is also wearing a blazer and a trendy bow-tie. Exceptions to this rule may apply, however, do us a favor and remove the shades when talking to our host upon entering any club. Just common courtesy.
— DO NOT look like everyone in your group. Leave the bachelor party look to the bachelor parties. You want to stand out and be noticed, then add a skinny tie, a vest, a blazer, or a pocket scarf to your attire!
— DO NOT try too hard to get a unique look. You will look like a confused peacock! Keep it simple, stylish, and clean.

LADIES: DO NOT take your heels off and walk around barefoot in the club or casino. Keep it classy please!


We are going to break it down from head to toe and give you a quick tutorial on how to put everything together! Whether you are a night owl looking to easily slide past the line and impress the opposite sex or the street warrior looking to make a style statement in Sin City, we’ve got you covered:

The Night Owl

Head — Wearing a fashionable hat is acceptable if it goes with your outfit. A Fedora or a newsboy style hat can be matched with a button down, skinny tie, and vest look. Think BOARDWALK EMPIRE! Sunglasses are only acceptable at night when the lenses are lighter than the actual frames. Think TOM FORD!

Tops — Pair a clean looking V-Neck tee with a pinstripe or solid colored blazer OR go simple and wear a fashionable scarf with a tee. A button down with a skinny tie and vest is always a classic. If wearing a casual suit, wear a clean LIGHT colored button down underneath. If you want to keep it very casual, then a designer Polo tee is acceptable. REMEMBER: A pocket scarf can accentuate the whole outfit and make you stand out from the rest!

for the night owl

Bottoms — Denim is always the acceptable choice. Keep the jeans fitted to your body type because baggy will get you rejected at the door. Dress pants should be either part of the casual suit OR trendy (skip the Best Buy dockers). You can also wear khakis but remember to keep them in the style of denim i.e. fitted and trendy. WEAR A BELT!

Shoes — Start with dress socks… leave the white socks to for your workouts! You should bring 3 pairs of shoes with you. Black leather dress shoes are always the top choice even with jeans. Most sneakers are UNACCEPTABLE at the club, however a dark pair of designer sneakers with NO heavy logos will look great with a casual suit.

The Street Warrior

Head — Knit beanies and snap-back caps are the trend for this year. Rock them proudly with a pair of dark shades!

Tops — Solid color hoodies over a clean V-Neck tee shows your Cali influence while a button down shirt, skinny tie, and a V-Neck sweater bring out the sophistication in your wardrobe! Polos, light jackets, knit sweaters, and thicker colored button downs are acceptable to rock the streets of Vegas during the day.

for the street warrior

Bottoms — This is all dependent on weather. Warmer weather means less clothing. Rock the linen pants or the cargo shorts. For the colder days, cargo pants and denim are the way to go. Keep everything fitted and true to size.

Shoes — Sneakers, boots and flip-flops rule the streets. Save the dressier shoes for the night time as a lot of walking will hurt your feet otherwise. It is all about comfort and bright colors. Your shoes can make a statement and be the highlight of your outfit. TOMS are great for lounging by the pool or hitting the malls and with so many styles and colors to choose from are definitely a must for Vegas!


We’ve given you some idea of what to wear and what to stay clear of. Remember that what you wear determines how your night starts, progresses, and ends! Here are some final notes for you to consider when determining your threads:

Accessories — Wrist wear is a must! Whether it’s a nice elegant watch or a cluster of bracelets, the right wrist wear can make your plain outfit stand out from the rest. Other accessories should include necklaces, rings, fashionable hats, pocket scarfs, regular scarfs, glasses, etc. If you’re not sure on how to wear it or what to pair items with, then check out the websites to some of our favorite stores in Vegas below.

Double Standard — Sometimes while you wait in line or walk through the club you will notice people wearing items that are not usually acceptable according to the standards that you’ve read in this guide. For example, you might see someone wearing a baseball cap and sneakers. These double standards occur because the people know someone at the club, know a host, tipped their way into wearing these items, or are part of a group that is spending a lot of money for a table. Just ignore it and enjoy your night OR click back and read the Tipping Etiquette section on how to by-pass these wardrobe rules.

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