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THE GUIDE to looking after people!

We’ve asked the locals how important it is to look after people and the answer was the same from everyone: Very Important! That is what Vegas is all about. From the waitresses, table dealers, valet guys, doors guys, and anyone under the Vegas lights, tipping is one of the most important aspects of having a successful getaway in Sin City. Remember the movie Casino:

Ginger knew how to take care of people. And that’s what Vegas is all about.”

Casino (1995) – Sam Rothstein

Proper tipping can get you access to anything you can imagine. Whether you want to skip the line, get a better table location, get a parking spot when one is “NOT AVAILABLE,” or get a drink at the bar much quicker, ALWAYS save those $1, $5, $10 bills for those in-the-moment situations.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: This is VERY important for YOU since a majority of the time the “gratuity” is already included on the check overseas. In Vegas, however, the “gratuity” IS NOT INCLUDED. So think twice, tip nice!

Here is a detailed list of the people that you might encounter on your visit to Sin City. Please take care of them as they will take care of you in return.

1: Club Waitress and Assistants

The recommended amount for VISITORS is 15%-20%. The formula is simple: read the tax line on your check (8.1% in Nevada) and DOUBLE this amount and add a little bit more. Some restaurants and clubs will add an “Auto-Grat” for larger parties (typically 18%-20%) and that takes care of the TIP. Remember that the service must be decent or higher for the recommended tipping amounts. It is THAT simple!

NOTE: The recommended amount for INDUSTRY LOCALS is 20%-25%. We take care of our own!

2: Club Host

Probably THE MOST important person to look after! A good host will get you access and items that most can never get. Limos, show tickets, line passed entry, comped admission, and most importantly A GREAT TABLE LOCATION for your bottle service that evening. On the low end: $20-$100 for a quick limo, line-passed entry, or comped admission PER PERSON!

TABLE LOCATION GRATUITY: Typically we advise 10% of your projected spend for bottle service up-to $500. So for a $1,000 bottle minimum ($100), $3,000 bottle minimum ($300), ETC. Anything for a spend over $5,000 bottle minimum ($500). You will run into situation where you will need to spend more than 10%, especially on Holiday Weekends and BIG CELEBRITY EVENTS.

PROCEDURE: The “handshake” method is the most common. This is where the gratuity is neatly folded into the palm of the hand and exchanged in a handshake form. This procedure should take place IMMEDIATELY after the host walked you to your table.

3: Bartender

So you opted out of bottle service for the night and you’re stuck getting drinks from the crazy and crowded bar. RELAX! Find the bartender that you plan on visiting for the entire night and hand them $10-$20 tip for your first drink. Make sure you have eye contact with them and advise them to help you out the next time you’re at the bar. THEY WILL REMEMBER! From then, at least $2 per drink OR 15%-20% on your final tab. Remember that good tipping can get you free shots, drinks, stronger drinks, and faster service!

4: Valet

How many other cities in the world offer Free Valet almost anywhere you go? Not many. Hand your valet guy $3 to $5 when you are parking during non-peak hours (typically during the week days or when you can visibly see that it’s NOT that busy). If you want your car to stay out front when you come back out, hand your valet $10 on slower days and $20 on very busy days. If you want your car to be brought up first every time, then hand the guy at least $10. FINALLY, when you encounter the “I’m sorry we are full!” OR “We are only taking hotel guests!” scenario, tell the guy you are going to take care of him $10 right now and another $10 when you come out. Simple techniques that have your ride ready to go!

5: Casino Waitress

If you’re spending money on the casino floor, your drinks are FREE! If you are winning, take care of your dealer and the young lady bringing you the good luck potion at least $5 per drink. If you’re losing, then $2 per drink is fair. Remember that screaming across the casino floor for your drink will only delay the process, so take care of the waitresses for faster service.

6: Limmo Driver

Limos are sometimes more convenient than waiting in a 2 hour line for a cab (which you can avoid by tipping the Taxi Cab Attendant) or if you want to impress that lovely lady that you met earlier. If the ride is short, hand the limo driver $40. If the ride is longer or the limo will be with you all night, 20% of the total ride is customary.

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