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THE GUIDE to getting past the ropes!

What are you waiting for? Let’s be honest. The nightclubs in Vegas don’t keep a line outside just for appearances. If it’s busy outside of the club, then most likely the party is crackin’ inside! The nightclubs are looking for one simple thing: fill up their venue with as many beautiful ladies as possible. More ladies in the club means more guys will spend money on bottle service and at the bar, better looking crowd, and better energy for the night. Here are a few simple and effective tips on how to skip these never ending, never moving, monstrosities:


You need to remember that the nightclubs operate at a very high capacity on a nightly basis. The hosts (“doormen” who do NOT like to be called doormen!) handle high roller table customers, celebrities, invited hotel guests, and party goers such as yourself! Yes, that is the priority order for the hosts and it will never change. Everyone will get in, so please be patient and save the “Do you know who I am?” lines for someplace else. Patience, Patience, Patience!


Having a contact at the venue you’re headed to is vital. This city is definitely about “WHO YOU KNOW” as much if not more as what you know. Do some research. Need Help? Then use our handy Contact Us page and we’ll connect you with any venue you want. Use the example below to send us an inquiry:

My name is _______. I have ___ guys and ___ girls in my party. I would like to go to _______ on this night __/__/__ . Please advise me on the fastest way of getting in. Thank You.


OK, that might be a little extreme but dress nicely. LOOKS MATTER in this city! This mostly goes for the guys. The clubs with the longest lines tend to be much pickier at the door with whom they let in.

– GUYS: Nice jeans or slacks, collared shirts OR a nice tee shirt with a blazer over it and finally some comfortable dress shoes. Not sure where to shop on a budget? Check out H & M. They have simple wear thats affordable and stylish. Anything beyond the basics and you’re trying too hard or just don’t know your fashion!

– LADIES: Classy is always key. Dresses. Heels. You know the drill! Oh and bring some slip-ons in your purse. Those heels hurt after a good night of drinks and dancing!

– BOTH: REMEMBER YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE OR PASSPORT! Anything other than that will not work and you will be left outside to watch everyone else. Hotels watch the security staff on cameras when they check IDs and no one will lose their job over your recklessness!


You and your guy friends are dressed to impress! What’s next? Count the number of the guys in your group and divide the group into smaller groups of 2-3. Now split up and find the same number of girls. YES, even ratio of guys to girls is ideal for the nightclub if they are going to let guys in past the ropes. REMEMBER, more girls in the club is better for the nightclub! PLUS it makes you look good to the girls if you can escort them in past the ropes. There are many girls in line waiting to get in just as well. Be assertive and polite and ask the ladies:

Hi Ladies! My name is _______. I am here with my 3 buddies and it would be quicker for us to get into the club if we had some ladies with us. Would you and your friends like to join our group so we can all get in quicker?

This is a good time to make some new friends and 90% of the time, the girls will accept the offer and join you. The other 10% are most likely local girls or did not notice your confidence!


OK, make us proud! Find the hosts with the clipboards, as they are usually the ones that can touch the ropes. ASSERTIVELY yet POLITELY get their attention, while making sure your newly found lady friends are on display in front of your group! Politely ask:

Hello, I have an even ratio group of 3 guys and 3 ladies, about how long is the wait to get in sir?”

And that is it! Remember to be patient and persistent in a polite manner.

Final Notes

Once you’re inside, take your newly found lady friends to the bar and buy them a round of drinks. This will help your night in two ways: (1) Your ladies will enjoy your company for the rest of the night and (2) if you maintain contact, you will have ladies to walk into any club with you throughout your trip.

FINALLY, for legal reasons, we will not go into great detail over tipping to skip the line since most nightclubs won’t allow anyone to talk about it openly. Still, “looking after people” is the foundation for Las Vegas industry, so it’s always in your best interest to ask the host you are talking to if tipping is allowed. Most hosts will be up front with you face-to-face and let you know if they can accept tips, but it is your responsibility to ask. GOOD LUCK!

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