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The term “VIP” is widely used in the nightlife and entertainment industry to signify an individual of greater importance; a person that experiences the treatment that no one else would unless they spend the money. In Sin City, the term “VIP” is used as often as you take a breath of air! It has zero meaning and you can find it on any billboard, promotional material, business card, ticket, advertisement, etc. So how does one experience the TRUE meaning of VIP? Below is a guide on how to do it yourself OR how to outsource your efforts to sites like Vegasssy.com to ensure a DIRECT connection to the Nightclub Hosts at NO CHARGE!


There are many independent hosting websites (3rd party sites) that will charge you for most of the information that we provide for you at NO CHARGE, however leaving the planning of your VIP experience requires industry experienced individuals that have established quality relationships directly with the nightlife staff. Below are some pros and cons of the different methods of planning, but we strongly recommend to use our site as a tool for all of your needs.

DO IT YOURSELF — Contacting the club directly is a great way to start off your planning. This will ensure the most accurate pricing and no hidden charges when you arrive at the door. This is great for clubs and lounges that are slower on a particular night or do not have a DJ or celebrity hosting the night. The downside to doing it yourself is the lack of a relationship with the host you are speaking with. You will usually get an inflated price quote because the host wants to know what your limit of spending is and then push it beyond that! The other downside is that there is a hierarchy of how hosts deal with incoming clientele and your reservation could be “bumped.” This will be discussed further down.

THE PROS — Independent hosts act as the middle man when booking your reservation. A lot of time, they will buy out a bulk of the tables in order to secure premium locations even when an event is sold out or has a high sell out rate. Very similar to booking a hotel or a flight through priceline, for example, instead of the actual airline or hotel chain. Yes you might spend a little more, but in the scope of the night, you will be MORE than satisfied! We understand that sometimes independent sites charge you for information, we at Vegasssy.com believe that your relationship with us and your return to use our services is more important than a few extra hundred dollars. This is the main reason why we provide you the direct contacts, the information, and the inside tips at NO CHARGE to YOU! This is WHY we recommend using us as a tool over a different independent hosting site. We ONLY work with the top hosts in each venue to ensure that every detail is delivered as promised.


Our relationships have been built on many years of experience. Our team is higher up on the hierarchy of whom the hosts deal with and your reservation will not be bumped. A TRUE VIP experience is one that you can sit back and enjoy the finer things that everyone else cannot provide for you and your friends. Below is some key explanations of how table service works and why you should leave it to the pros!

“BUMPED” TABLE — A bumped table reservation occurs when a person makes a reservation directly with a club host that has a lower rank. Meaning NOT with a Senior Host or Manager. OR when another customer gives a cash gratuity (Handshake) to the host to force a bump. Both occur on a nightly basis and that is why we ONLY work with the TOP ranked hosts and communicate any pre determined gratuities required to insure no bumping.

CLIENT HIERARCHY — This is the order of priority that a host will honor a reservation at any given club:
1. Their own personal reservation WITH a pre determined handshake.
2. Vegasssy.com reservation.
3. Independent Host reservation.
4. Their own personal reservation WITHOUT a handshake.
5. Hotel Guest reservation.
6. (Non-hosted) General Public Reservation.

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