Industry Advice

  • Skip That Line

    THE GUIDE to getting past the ropes! What are you waiting for? Let’s be honest. The nightclubs in Vegas don’t keep a line outside just for appearances. If it’s busy outside of the cl Read more

  • Tipping Etiquette

    THE GUIDE to looking after people! We’ve asked the locals how important it is to look after people and the answer was the same from everyone: Very Important! That is what Vegas is all about. [&h Read more

  • You Look Good

    THE GUIDE to looking great day or night! In a city where looks and money are almost EVERYTHING, the right wardrobe can make or break your night. You don’t have to go out and spend […] Read more

  • Off The Strip

    THE GUIDE to exploring the hidden Gems of Sin City! With all of the noise and all of the lights, it is easy to get lost in the shuffle of Sin CIty. With hundreds of […] Read more

  • Choosing THE Spot

    THE GUIDE to choosing the RIGHT spot for your group! Where will you and your friends cause trouble tonight? Choosing the right spot for your group all depends on what you want out of your […] Read more

  • I am a VIP

    THE GUIDE to the TRUE VIP experience! The term “VIP” is widely used in the nightlife and entertainment industry to signify an individual of greater importance; a person that experiences th Read more