We get a lot of frequently asked questions about our site and how it works, our services we offer, about the different venues we work with, advertising, and just general questions. Please CLICK on the topics to get the answers to the most common questions. If you feel that we’ve missed a topic or have further questions, please use our contact page for assistance.

General Questions
Why choose Vegasssy?
Experience Speaks for itself. With over 10 years of Vegas experience and over 6 years of working for the #1 nightclub in the world (XS Nightclub), we know what it’s like to be on both sides of the velvet rope. We’ve spent years building relationships with nightclubs, dayclubs, restaurants, casinos, transportation, shopping and entertainment outlets. Because of these unique relationships, we can offer unique experiences catered to your exact need.

What services do you offer?
Our #1 service is table service. Why? Because we are very, very good at getting seating and minimums that most other hosting/concierge companies simply cannot. It took a long time to build trust with the Vegas venues allowing us to pass along the savings to you! Other services include guestlists, walk-ins, transportation, gun ranges, jets, and just about anything else you need.

What is Table Service Hosting?
Table Service Hosting is the act of booking, setting up, and meeting a client at their desired venue and personally walking them to their table. When done right, the client will feel like a celebrity or rock star. No waiting for transportation. No waiting in lines. No waiting for bottles to come out. A true VIP experience.

Can I do it myself?
Yes. You can do anything you want. You can buy tickets to the venue, wait in the long line for hours, then proceed to wait at a crowded bar for 45 minutes for a drink. But why would you want to do all that? Check out our industry advice on how to do it like a VIP.

How far in advance do I make one?
You can inquire about the reservation whenever you want. We understand that sometimes you’re the one planning and you’re in charge of wrangling the sheep. However, table seating and pricing is based on the talent that will perform that night. Because venues don’t announce their talent very far in advance, we cannot give you an accurate quote. Suggested timing is 2-3 weeks prior to your night/day out.

Does it cost extra?
Our experience and years of relationship building allows us to purchase tables at discounted rates. We also get first priority when it comes to seating. These savings and table location are then passed down to you. We charge a small fee for our services but in the end, you will still save money.

Is my reservation guaranteed?
Like a symphony, a lot of factors must be perfectly in sync. All venues have different entry systems and require specific instructions. Your reservation is guaranteed to a point that you follow all instructions to a T. If you miss your ride or show up late because you decided to go gamble, we cannot guarantee to hold your table on busy nights.

Why should I advertise?
Because we are awesome and because our network spans over a million UNIQUE users and TARGETED clients worldwide. We’ve curated the top partnerships throughout Vegas that will help your brand be seen.

Who will see my ads?
Your ads are directly targeted to UNIQUE users and clients. We represent a demographic of 21 – 45 year old professionals that frequent Las Vegas more than once a year. That means multiple converted impressions for your brand. Please contact our marketing department for a more detailed breakdown.

Other Questions
What’s the best nightclub?
We get this question a lot. Factors such as yearly revenue, best view, best looking people, best drink pricing all equate to this answer. Please check out our nightclubs page to see the Top 5 Nightclubs as well as categories for other criteria. Still not convinced? Check out the official Nightclub & Bar Top 100 list.

Why are some venues not listed?
We work with the best! Simple as that. There are many great venues in Las Vegas, but we want to have exclusivity and work only with the best. Who decides who the best is? We do of course! We have over 10 years of experience and we know the ins and outs. If you think we are wrong or should add your venue, please contact us.

How do I post my events?
Our events post themselves. Want something put up specific? Please contact our marketing department.