What is Vegasssy?

Vegasssy was founded in 2012 by a team of hospitality veterans. With over 10 years of Las Vegas Nightlife experience, the Vegasssy team brings an insider perspective on all Sin City has to offer. Vegasssy is not just a website, it’s a feeling! A feeling that one gets when the plane to Las Vegas is about to land or when you drive into the Las Vegas city limits and you see the lights over the horizon!

This feeling is indescribable! Some call it excitement and some call it an energy of no regret, no worry, and no inhibition. We call it the feeling of Vegasssy!

So when you win that big hand at the tables, pop that bottle of champagne at the hottest club, or dive into a pool filled with sexy people to the sound of the world’s best DJs, and someone asks you how you feel?!

Just scream: “I FEEL VEGASSSY!”