Top 10 Dances At A Nightclub

Top 10 Dances At A Nightclub

1. The Chick Pack

You’ll see them at every club, that gang of girls dressed in crowns, tiaras, and sashes nestled together in a tight pack. They’ll scream when their favorite song comes on and sway back and forth with both hands in the air. Whether they’re celebrating a birthday, bachelorette party, or just a girls’ night out good luck trying to get them out of their closely-knitted clique. No boys, you can’t dance with us!


2. The Brostep

It’s not that difficult to spot that bunch of bros huddled together in a semi-circle. During the build-up of a song they will all look at each other in awe and as soon as that bass drops, they will jump together in an electrified unison.

fist pump

3. The Fist Pump

Yes, clubs can get crammed, jammed, and overcrowded. Lucky for you, there is always The Fist Pump: a rapid arm movement that simply involves pumping your fist outward to the beat of the music. Let’s take a moment to thank the lovely people of Jersey Shore for solving this major problem.


4. The Twerkers

Booty-poppin’, rump-shakin’, whatever you want to call it, you’ll find this rhythmic gyrating of the gluteus maximus at any club.


5. The Shuffler

A dance craze that originated in the 80’s, this style is characterized by fast feet movements where people drag their feet in a quick, running-man fashion. Once in a while, you’ll find ravers on the edge of the dance floor dressed in “phat pants” or “phatties” shuffling away.


6. The Mike & Molly

This dance style is for the clubbing couples. In the middle of the dance floor, you’ll find a boy and girl, usually both extremely intoxicated or on some kind of mind-altering drug, grinding on each other and making out all night long.


7. The Billy Idol

He’s swinging his arms around, bobbing his head, and dancing with himself. Obviously impaired and extremely creepy, just watching this guy talking in his lonesome leaves you wondering…where are his friends?


8. The Go-Go Dancers

Although they may be some of the hottest and the best dancers in the club, they are also the most miserable-looking ladies. Getting paid to dance on top of stages and speakers to liven up the crowd isn’t the most dreadful job in the world but some of these girls definitely make it look like it is. The twisting and turning of the body may look sexy and seductive but those facial expression scream “daddy problems.”


9. The Glowstick

In every EDM nightclub, you’ll find that token guy who brings his glowsticks or gloves. Twirling his colorful fingers and giving free light shows, this guy is everyone’s best friend for the night.


10. The Treehugger

She’s a free-spirit. She’s a flower child. She’s probably under the influence. The dance involves a lot of spinning around, self-grinding, and closed eyes. Dance like no one is watching, even though everyone probably will.

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